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The Los Angeles International Children's Games Committee is a representative organization to the Committee of the International Children's Games (CICG/CJIE). The International Children's Games (ICG) is a multi-sport festival for athletes under 16 years old and includes more than 75 cities and countries from around the world.


This international Olympic-style event was founded in 1968 in Slovenia and rotates to different cities annually. The ICG is a recognized event of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the CICG/CJIE is a member organization of the IOC. 


In cooperation with the Southern Pacific Volleyball Committee and the Los Angeles Sports Council, the Los Angeles IGG Committee selects the athletes to represent the delegation in the International Children's Games as part of the USA delegation. Combined with athletes from other US cities in other sports, the Los Angeles ICG fields the volleyball, water polo and beach volleyball teams as part of the USA delegation. 



Committee of International Children's Games

Comité des Jeux Internationaux des Écoliers




       Southern Pacific Volleyball Committee

International Olympic Committee

Los Angeles Sports Council

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